osai family day 2019

Great success for the Porte Aperte day dedicated to families that took place in Osai last July 20th!
More than 150 people have decided to join this initiative, created to give employees’ families the opportunity to learn more about the history of the company and the reality where their loved ones every day give life to what makes Osai an international excellence.
Starting at 10 am and throughout the rest of the day, numerous groups, together with vrious guides, took part to the visits to company facilities: starting from the Cartiera building, to continue in the newly built production areas and conclude with the visit of the museum dedicated to the history of the Parella paper mill.
A journey of over 45 minutes, during which they had the opportunity not only to learn something about the company, but also to discover and understand what the Osai staff is doing every day, mote than 170 people today.

At the same time, for fans and non-fans, the Calcio Balilla tournament was held, organized as part of “Giochi Senza Barriere” initiative, in collaboration with the FICB: the best players of the tournament will continue their adventure at the stage of the tournament of Borgaro, where they will fight to bring home one of the numerous prizes offered by the federation.

Moreover, throughout the day, the catering service remained active, which gave all families the opportunity to have lunch together or, more simply, take a break from the races.

The undisputed protagonists of the day were, however, the little ones: their enthusiasm in discovering what happens inside the company every day has certainly represented to the best the goal of the day.

We warmly thank all those who took part in this initiative, more and more certain that <<Staff is our asset>>.