fineplast 140 osai

FinePlast 140R is designed to weld plastic components: the Laser welding of polymers is carried out by putting a transparent material into contact with an absorbent material; the Laser beam crossing the former and heating the latter to fusion point. The welding takes place when the heated absorbent material makes contact with the transparent material. The advantages, compared to traditional systems, are many: perfectly aesthetic and sealed connections, no vibrations on the welded parts, reduced thermal weld material, high process speed and flexibility in components design. The PC is integrated into the machine frame with LCD display on an adjustable console, the keyboard and the mouse are positioned under the console. The start button can be activated by means of the frontal console or by a special control panel. The turning table allows a masked time during which, while the Laser is working, the operator can access the working area to load/unload the product on the available semi-table. All axis (X, Y, Z and the rotating Laser head – W) are CNC controlled for movement interpolation.