Vincitori Bando “Erogazioni Liberali” 2023

orto cascine praie

Thanks to a wise renovation, Cascina Praie has recently been able to regain its primary social vocation, becoming a day care center for activities for people with autism spectrum: “Spazio Blu”. Here are carried out educational and accompanying paths for children and young people from 3 to 17 years of age: music therapy, cooking workshops, motor skills and many other activities coordinated by teams of educators.

The project of the Cooperativa Andirivieni involves the renovation and redevelopment of the land to make it usable and productive again, not only for the Cascina’s frequenters but also for the Eporediese territory, starting with the building of a social restaurant inside the Cascina in which the garden’s products would become a fundamental part of the menus offered, making Praie’s catering an inclusive, social, sustainable and innovative offer for the territory.

The disbursement of €8,000 will be entirely used to reactivate the horticultural plot in Praie, with the purchase of equipment (e.g., motor cultivator, greenhouse, various tools), seeds, fertilizers and for the employment of operators specialized in educational and horticultural activities to support the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Muoversi Allegramente ONLUS operates in the social field and its goal is the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through recreational-sports practice. Active in a pre-mountain and mountainous area with scarce services (transportation, personal and leisure services) and lower population density, over the years Muoversi Allegramente ONLUS has become an important reference point for the area. Many among the beneficiaries have finished their studies and among them very few have had access to the world of work; several families rely on the continuity over the years of the proposed activities, which have a great utility in occupying free time, avoiding marginalization and creating the correct sports lifestyle that is a fundamental right of every citizen. The Association also strongly believes in raising awareness among young people who, as volunteers, learn to get in touch with peers and adults, valuing their uniqueness, welcoming differences and breaking down prejudices.

The disbursement of €11,500 will be used to expand its offerings for the 2023/24 social year so it can welcome new members and diversify its sports offerings.

The Lettera 22 Sports Association in Ivrea has designed a project dedicated to the integration of adults with disabilities through basketball. The collaboration with “Day Center 109,” which houses children with physical and cognitive disabilities, led to the start of a co-design on inclusive sports activities, starting in March 2023. The success of the activity convinced the association to try to increase the offer. The main goal is to promote inclusion, self-confidence and awareness of one’s abilities, as well as to create an environment of mutual growth and learning.

The disbursement of €10,000 will be functional for the various activities planned during the 2023/2024 sports year, from weekly trainings and matches to participation in tournaments, as well as the organization of exhibition matches to foster interaction and cohesion among players and a sports vacation in Tuscany to conclude the annual activities.

The project of the Consorzio Copernico scs – Servizi per la comunità e il territorio aims to produce a musical in which the protagonists will be people with disabilities. Theater, music and dance have always been functional for bringing out latent personalities waiting to manifest themselves, so they will be functional for an improvement in the attention and concentration, logical, perception and creative skills of all participants.

The disbursement of €8,000 will be used to ensure qualified personnel to coordinate activities such as working groups the workshops and the staging of theater performances and their performance.

The Campo Aperto SCAS project intends to give life to a new concept of street food through the activation of a Fud Trac with a combination of commercial activity and social planning, with particular focus on processes of integration, professionalization, circular economy and proper nutrition.

The activity will lead to the professionalization and integration of disadvantaged individuals through the activation of dedicated work paths. The Fud Trac has the ambition to become a meeting point for gathering and sharing in support of events dedicated to youth and children, in order to use food as an aggregator for families and kids. The recipes sold on the Fud Trac will have as their main basis the enhancement of horticultural products from the cultivation of social gardens in the Campo Aperto lands.

The disbursement of €5,281 will be used to set up the truck and purchase equipment.


Call for Erogazioni Liberali 2023

OSAI is committed to contributing to the promotion of the quality of life and the socio-economic development of the Community in which it operates, since the life of the Community is a fundamental value for the development and growth of the Territory.


Support to the Territory and its initiatives also passes through Erogazioni liberali, understood as contributions, be they donations, gifts and disbursements of sums of money, or the supply of goods or contributions of another kind or in any other utility arranged and made available by the Company to a third party.


Donations thus conceived are therefore aimed at supporting initiatives, events, projects of environmental, social, cultural and sports relevance provided that the purposes are consistent with the corporate purpose and have a positive impact on the provincial territory.


In compliance with the Regulation for the management of sponsorships, free donations and gifts adopted by the Board of Directors, the Company hereby promotes the Call for Proposals “Erogazioni Liberali 2023” for the submission of requests for free donations.


For the year 2023, the Company has decided to focus its Call for Proposals on supporting initiatives and projects focused on improving the quality of life and wellbeing of physically and/or mentally disabled persons and their families, which can foster personal autonomy, social inclusion and/or inclusion in working life.


The Call for Proposals, whose regulations can be downloaded here, makes available a total fund for the year 2023 amounting to Euro 42.781,00 in favour of initiatives aimed at the territory and promoted by local public bodies and/or other entities (e.g.: recognised and unrecognised associations, foundations, committees, non-profit organisations, etc.).


Each project shall be assessed according to the parameters and scores defined in the Rules and Regulations, which take into account aspects such as: educational and/or cultural value of the activity; charitable and/or welfare character of the proposed activity; recreational, artistic and/or sporting value of the proposed activity; etc.


The Evaluation Committee, appointed annually by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, will examine and assess the applications received, verifying the completeness of the documentation submitted and the existence of the requirements, and will proceed, according to the established criteria, to draw up a final ranking list.


The application by interested entities must be submitted in writing by one of the following methods

  • – by registered mail at the Company’s registered and/or operating offices; or
  • – by certified electronic mail: pec@pec.osai-as.it


The deadline for submitting applications for the Call for Proposals 2023 is 15thSeptember, 2023, 23:59. In order to be valid, applications must be received by the Company by the indicated date, any applications received late will not be considered.


The Company shall publish on its website, in a dedicated section, the final ranking list by 29th September 2023. Allocation shall take place no later than 31 December 2023.


For further information or clarifications, please send an email to pec@pec.osai-as.it.