Vincitori Bando “Erogazioni Liberali” 2022

The Cooperativa Andirivieni will be the promoter of an innovative experience of autonomous living and neighbourhood solidarity between some young people with disabilities and the local resident where the project will be launched. Through a system of accompaniment to living, community animation and with the tool of self-mutual help, the young people will have the opportunity to live outside the family nucleus.


The project aims to promote in the Canavese area a philosophy of living that enhances the reciprocity of exchanges, by those who are more fragile and those who are less so, encouraging them to perceive themselves as bearers not only of needs, but also a resources for themselves and for others.


The allocation of €20,000 will be functional for the promotion of innovative and participative forms of living, the accompaniment to employment activities, and the training of operators and volunteers. The project will involve 24 young people in the Cuorgnè housing unit and 16 in the Ivrea one.

SpazioBlu is an educational project dedicated to the world of autism that was born from the meeting of four different realities rooted in the Canavese territory, including the Ivrea and Canavese group of the National Association of Parents of People with Autism- ANGSA.


The objective is to develop skills and autonomy in individuals with autism spectrum disorders and to seek the wellbeing of their families, through customised and targeted paths, both for the individual and for the entire nucleus in which they live. Actually, SpazioBlu is attended by 42 children and 20 young adults.


The allocation of €5,000 will guarantee a transport service for the many families in the alto canavese and calusiese area who wish to take part in the activities but are unable to reach the Ivrea centre independently.

Chivasso Rugby Onlus is the nationally and internationally recognised pioneer of Mixed Ability Sports, an innovative approach aimed at removing barriers to participation in sport for people with disabilities. Through the co-presence and co-interaction of individuals with different abilities, anyone has the opportunity to train, play and be included in a single category, the one dictated by the discipline itself.


The disbursement of €13,000 will be used to engage the rugby team members for the 2022-2023 season in a club sports activity in which they will bring the Mixed Ability model to 30 clubs in Piedmont; participate in ten friendly trips of the rugby team; promote the emerging Mixed Ability in paddling activities in the Turin area.

Campo Aperto SCAS project aims at the realisation of an educational vegetable garden 4.0 within the Olivetti context of Villa Girelli.


The objective is the valorisation of the area and its opening to the public, in order to bring back the industrial spirit of research, innovation and experimentation. The Orto 4.0 aims to become an educational reference point where sustainable agriculture, food education and a place where schools, citizens, farmers and entrepreneurs will be able to ‘touch’ a new way of horticulture, inclusion and sustainability.


It will provide employment for people with motor difficulties who will be able to cultivate their own plot, thus making agriculture open and inclusive also to people who, until now, have not had the opportunity to approach this activity professionally.

Initiatives supported during 2021

In 2021 Osai supported a new initiative by the Andirivieni Cooperative, which allowed young people with disabilities and autism to develop their own independence through work and to get involved in a project aimed at safeguarding nature thanks to the involvement of the company 3Bee S.r.l., active in the creation of systems to preserve and improve the health of bees.

The “My Polly” project, this is its name, envisages the construction and assembly of a house designed to house solitary bees and within which they can find shelter and protection to perform their precious and indispensable function as pollinating insects.

The company supported the initiative by providing its expertise and professionalism in the field of prototyping and 3D printing, for the realisation of the roof covering in biodegradable plastic material, providing support to 3Bee and Andirivieni in the search for the technological solution and materials to be adopted and suitable for 3D printing.

The collaboration between OSAI, Cooperativa Andirivieni, 3Bee and the Ivrea Job Centre thus enabled 6 young people with autism to be employed, through a one-year internship, for the realisation of over 5,000 “Polly Homes”, during which they were able to learn manual skills, cooperate and use innovative tools such as 3D printers.

Since 2018 Osai has been a partner in ICO NUOVO AMPLIAMENTO Srl (known as ICONA), whose aim is to recover and enhance Olivetti’s Red Brick Factory (ICO) in order to launch, together with other entrepreneurs in the area, a redevelopment project with the aim of making the historic building a development and reference point for businesses.

In the same spirit, in 2020 Osai will join as a promoter of the ICO Valley project, which aims to redevelop former industrial sites, protagonists of Olivetti’s glorious history, through an innovative experience of combining “container and content”. A winning synergy that will lead to positive repercussions on the territory and be a reference point at national and international level.

“Lettera 22, the Olivetti typewriter, becomes the Olivetti reading machine. The occasion, that is, to go back, from the beauty of the product, to the beauty of an exciting industrial story, that of Olivetti, studded with ideas and visions, rich in timeless values.”

Osai has always shared Adriano Olivetti’s way of doing business, of basing the company’s strength on the well-being of its employees. For this reason, in 2021 the company has decided to support the creation of the exhibition Lettera 22. The Olivetti Reading Machine.

The high number of visitors and the great interest shown in the exhibition, which opened in the autumn, led the organisers, the Agliè Castle and the Municipality of Agliè, together with all the partners involved, to extend the opening of the exhibition until Sunday 29 May 2022.


In 2021, the famous Argentine-born and Italian-born artist Ernesto Morales exhibited his exhibition Possible Places at the Officine ICO inside the Olivetti industrial complex, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site “Ivrea, Industrial City of the 20th Century”.

The exhibition retraced the painter’s investigation over the last fifteen years, proposing a series of works in which the subject of architecture becomes a pretext for research into the spirit of places and the symbolic role of the city.

The exhibition was organised by the Agenzia per lo Sviluppo del Canavese (Canavese Development Agency) under the patronage of the Piedmont Region and thanks to the contribution of various local organisations, including Osai. Open to the public.

Initiatives 2022

Call for Erogazioni Liberali 2022

OSAI is committed to contributing to the promotion of the quality of life and the socio-economic development of the Community in which it operates, since the life of the Community is a fundamental value for the development and growth of the Territory.


Support to the Territory and its initiatives also passes through Erogazioni liberali, understood as contributions, be they donations, gifts and disbursements of sums of money, or the supply of goods or contributions of another kind or in any other utility arranged and made available by the Company to a third party.


Donations thus conceived are therefore aimed at supporting initiatives, events, projects of social, cultural, artistic, environmental relevance provided that the purposes are consistent with the corporate purpose and have a positive impact on the provincial territory.


In compliance with the Regulation for the management of sponsorships, free donations and gifts adopted by the Board of Directors, the Company hereby promotes the Call for Proposals “Erogazioni Liberali 2022” for the submission of requests for free donations.


The Call for Proposals, whose regulations can be downloaded here, makes available a total fund for the year 2022 amounting to Euro 43,898.00 (equal to 5% of the 2021 financial year profit) in favour of initiatives aimed at the territory and promoted by local public bodies and/or other entities (e.g.: recognised and unrecognised associations, foundations, committees, non-profit organisations, etc.).


Each project shall be assessed according to the parameters and scores defined in the Rules and Regulations, which take into account aspects such as: educational and/or cultural value of the activity; charitable and/or welfare character of the proposed activity; recreational, artistic and/or sporting value of the proposed activity; etc.


The Evaluation Committee, appointed annually by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, will examine and assess the applications received, verifying the completeness of the documentation submitted and the existence of the requirements, and will proceed, according to the established criteria, to draw up a final ranking list.

The application by interested entities must be submitted in writing by one of the following methods

  • – by registered mail at the Company’s registered and/or operating offices; or
  • – by certified electronic mail: pec@pec.osai-as.it


The deadline for submitting applications for the Call for Proposals 2022 is 31 July 2022, 23:59. In order to be valid, applications must be received by the Company by the indicated date, any applications received late will not be considered.


The Company shall publish on its website, in a dedicated section, the final ranking list by 30 September 2022.


Allocation shall take place no later than 31 December 2022.


For further information or clarifications, please send an email to pec@pec.osai-as.it.