NeoRouter is the ideal solution for mechanical separation of PCB panels. Due to his high flexibility, NeoRouter is ideal for high volume mass-production but also for high mix, thanks to the special clamping head that doesn’t require modifications (except the fingers) when the product changes. NeoRouter is SMEMA compliant. Routing bits are automatically replaced, without the operator intervention. The machine assures the control of the presence of the routing bit with automatic change. A cleaning station can be integrated before the automatic sorting, to remove the dust particles on the boards.It’s possible to sort the separated parts on trays, feeders or magazines; it’s also possible to connect the NeoRouter to the testing machine (or to the Customer traceability) in order to discriminate the OK and KO parts.The programming is easy and fast, due to the operator interface developed by OSAI for the Neo Modula platform.Those features guarantee a low cost of ownership and very fast set up, basic elements to be competitive in the market.