robocup 2019

From 4 to 7 July, the RoboCup Junior World Championships will take palce in the wonderful city of Sydney in Australia, and the IIS Olivetti team from Ivrea, led by prof. Antonio Deta.
The Robocup Junior, officially founded in 2000, is divided in various categories and each of them has the objective of carrying out robotic engineering projects capable of realize various actions.
The Italian Team will compete for the OnStage category, in which the robots perform short choreographies in the space of 4×3 meters.
Peculiarity of the competition is the absolute prohibition of remote control of robots, which, once started, will have to independently perform all the actions envisaged until the end of the performance.

OSAI A.S. is proud to support young talents of our region with initiatives like this; our reality strongly relies on the abilities of the new generations, on their creativity and intelligence in discovering new solutions for tomorrow.
Osai believes that in a historically fertile region, such as the Canavese area, there is a high human potential, enhanced also by institutions such as the IIS Olivetti of Ivrea, which gives space to its young students, following them on the path of growth which, we are sure, will allow them to make great thing for our region and our country.

For a long time alongside these guys from the IIS Olivetti of Ivrea, OSAI A.S. has chosen to commit itself for this occasion as Main Sponsor of the Team, to contribute to the realization of a dream that came true on June 28th, when the 8 boys flew overseas to represent Italy in this important competition.

We hope that after a long work and a long preparation the IIS Olivetti’s guys can conquer, on the international stage of Sydney, the world title!

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RoboCup 2019