Osai's new website is online

Revamped in content and graphical structure, the Osai site has been completely redesigned to put the company’s soul, industrial automation, at the center. Industrial automation is the cornerstone on which Osai Automation Systems has built its identity developing assembly and testing solutions to automate production processes, improving the efficiency and precision of industrial operations.

The structural restyling was designed to make the communication of the products and services offered more effective and immediate, with a particular focus on the target markets for which Osai operates, thanks to the ability acquired and refined over the years to make both standard machines and custom systems.

A simple and intuitive navigation, which officially promotes the Osai Group in its entirety, with Osai Automation Systems S.p.A. Società Benefit and Osai Green Tech Società Benefit S.r.l., and a new graphic design which incorporates the color of the corporate identity. Last but not least, the choice of color also leads to reduced power consumption while browsing and increased battery life of mobile devices!

Happy browsing!