Our core business is the design and construction of machines for industrial process automation; we have been in this business for more than 30 years, but we know that a good product is no longer enough to meet market expectations, because it is also necessary to enhance what lies behind successful products, namely the social and environmental context in which ideas take shape.

We have decided to actively promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), taking inspiration from the 2030 Agenda approved in September 2015 and beginning with our traditional areas of action, such as caring for people and the environment, in order to pursue these important global sustainability goals.

The relationship between people and the ability to act ethically and responsibly is at the heart of our ethical way of being and the management of our value chain. For years, we have been asking our suppliers to meet a set of ethical and sustainability requirements. To assess our supplier package and their level of sustainability, we rely on Ecovadis, one of the world’s most trusted ratings in corporate sustainability assessments, intelligence, and collaborative tools for enhancing the performance of global supply chains. During the year 2023, we reached the silver level.

In order to transparently convey the goals of common benefit, and the methods implemented to achieve them, Osai has drafted the first Impact Reporting, a significant tool capable of accounting for how the company concretely promotes, through management choices and behaviors, a business model that contributes to protecting the planet’s resources and the welfare of the community through an indispensable path of sustainable development.

The Sustainability Reporting allows us to disseminate in a unique format information and curiosities about our identity, our way of doing business, and our attention to ESG issues.