Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Transparency. These are the three indispensable conditions for becoming a Benefit Company, a status acquired by Osai A.S. S.p.A. with the resolution of the Shareholders’ Meeting of 27 April 2023.

In this way, the company has officially incorporated into its corporate purpose the objective it has always pursued: to have a positive impact on society and the territory. The sustainable growth objectives incorporated in Osai’s Articles of Association focus on valuing people, protecting the planet and the biosphere, with the aim of progressively reducing the company’s environmental impact in terms of reducing waste and CO2 emissions, as well as supporting the local area and the social sphere.

“The activities of companies are one of the main factors on which the production of wealth and the well-being of the country and the social and environmental balance depend. Benefit Societies and their way of understanding corporate responsibility, based on the Olivettian model, represent a valid and scalable solution to the needs of our company, generating benefits for all stakeholders, first and foremost for the people who work there, the real value of the company, and then for customers, suppliers and, consequently, shareholders. We are therefore aware of the responsibility that we take on and are proud to carry out every day,” said Mirella Ferrero, President of Osai.

As CEO Fabio Benetti recalls, “after Osai Green Tech Srl SB, the Group’s first Benefit Company, Osai A.S. also acquires the status of Benefit Company in order to look and think about the future in a sustainable way, guaranteeing development and growth in which profit and the common good go hand in hand”.