PCB Laser Cutting/Depaneling.

PCB Laser Cutting/Depaneling.

Separation of PCB.

The Neo platform offers a wide range of highly competitive products to meet the market’s multifaceted demands: focus on accuracy, speed, affordability and flexibility. Our PCB Laser Cutting/Depaneling systems can offer quality processes for the separation of printed circuit boards, either Mechanical or Laser.

OSAI’s solutions are compatible with different sources Laser: CO2, Fiber, UV or Green and IR Ultrafast Pico. Depending on the parameters, i.e. the processing material, the carbonization effect – cut wall, the cycle time and the investment value, we can identify the most suitable source to optimize the production processes.

Inline mechanical
separation of PCB’s

Laser Depaneling for FR4
and flexible PCBs

Laser Depaneling for special
substrates and applications