The business strategy of Osai Automation System S.p.A. has always been not to relocate production abroad, despite the presence of more than 40 distributors around the world, for a total of 50 local staff and 3 braches located in USA, Germany and China.

Following this philosophy the Company has expanded over time by acquiring new spaces and building areas until it has reached of 6,500 m2 in the Parella headquarters, inside, and not only, the Paper Mill of Parella in which more than 200 people work. The space, now no longer sufficient to meet the needs and expected growth post covid, led the company to invest in a new production facility of about 4,000 m2. Less than five kilometers away from the historical headquarters, more precisely in Samone, the new plant will be built, for which the company has obtained a 5 million euro loan granted by Intesa Sanpaolo and assisted by SACE through Garanzia Italia, the instrument intended to support the liquidity of Italian companies.

The new plant, conceived and designed by Canavesana company SERTEC Engineering and construction company Cimo Srl identified as the general contractor, is scheduled for completion during 2023, will house the Company’s production dedicated to high automation systems and technologies for the e-mobility and medical markets. The building will have its own green and sustainable soul, with a photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity, charging stations for electric vehicles of the company’s car fleet and the use of materials aimed at energy saving so as to carry on Osai’s constant commitment to environmental issues and the territory.

The plant thus built will be added to the current spaces in the Parella headquarters, where every day Osai personnel work with passion to transform innovative ideas into technological solutions recognized and appreciated worldwide, including: systems and complete lines for automation, manual or automatic workbenches and tables, semi-automatic complete lines, flexible modules and vertical magazine, with an application to the Advance Mobility and E-Mobility sectors; semiconductor testing machines, with systems intended for the handling and testing of MEMS sensors, through multiple stimuli (acoustic, motion, electrical contact, pressure) defined according to the specific application for which the sensors themselves are intended; “Neo” system or custom platform, intended for the electronics and Laser applied divisions for marking, cutting and welding processes of different types of components or for large-scale production, complete assembly systems, machines for mechanical separation and by means of Laser of PCB panels also of flexible type.

The successes achieved by the company in its now 30 years of experience have recognized Osai Automation System S.p.A.’s position as a solution provider in the market in process automation for the assembly and testing of high technology content components thanks to a wide portfolio of cross-cutting technologies, and thus to record, in 2021, a turnover of about 38 million euros, with a growth of 65 percent over the previous year, and an export share of 85%.