Electromechanics, electronics and zero-emission electric mobility. Operators in these sectors crowded the stands of the companies participating in the second edition of E-Tech Europe, the international trade fair for advanced batteries and electrification in the automotive and vehicle industry, held in Bologna on 19 and 20 April 2023.

Among the more than 200 exhibitors, Osai A.S. S.p.A. was also present, together with its Benefit Company Osai GreenTech, so that visitors could discover Osai’s complete solutions, starting from the company’s extensive portfolio, which has been designing and manufacturing machines and complete lines for automation for more than thirty years, to the development of technologies for customised disassembly solutions.

During the second day of the exhibition, the company’s CTO, Marco Guolo, also gave two important presentations: “ Automated process for dismantling of Hard Disks and rare earths magnets recycling: NEW-RE” and “The automation journey towards circular economy. How Osai A.S. created Osai Green Tech to provide automation for recycling”.

In addition to showcasing a design that therefore focuses on the principles of the circular economy and Osai GreenTech systems, a demo cell, an Osai-branded battery module assembly simulation station, has been placed on our booth E16/D15.

 Thanks to everyone who visited our stand and took part in our meetings, we renew our invitation to E-Tech Europe 2024!