Important meanings are hidden behind a number. Meanings that tell stories of people and trace the direction of their future.

Number 3 represents charisma, enthusiasm, passion, growth and creativity.

Three are the words which describe our growth path from 1991 until today. Innovation, thanks to which we never stopped, and which is today increasingly strategic for our success. Passion, which daily supports our people and guarantees creativity and cleverness in our work. Solidity, which has even deeper roots since 2020, when our Company went public on the Italian Stock Exchange Market in Milan.

Number 0 is infinity, but also the end and the beginning of something new.

Zero is always our day. The starting day, the day of new beginnings and of new challenges, which we are never tired of accepting. Every milestone is a new beginning, a step forward, a new record to beat without ever limiting ourselves.

Today more than ever we can look back and be deeply proud of the long path that led our Company so far away but above all that raised it so high up.

During a crucial historical period that marks our getting back to a normal life, after two years of difficulties caused by the global pandemic, being able to celebrate together these 30 years of work has got an even deeper worth.

And in order to start this year of celebrations in the best possible way, Osai has created a new logo specific for the occasion. A logo that is meant to express all the meanings of this milestone and gratitude to all those people that for 30 years, for a few months or even for only one day have been contributing to the success of such a big and ambitious project. We are certain that, 30 years later, Carlo Ferrero’s dream has become true thanks to each one of you!

Thank you.