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„Q&A Section Investor Presentation 28 September_1H21 Results“

We confirm that for the second half of 2022 we will have the prototype that will be installed at a customer, but to understand what potential the machinery can offer and what economic return and impact it can have on what will be the new „Circular Economy“ Division we will have to wait until to 2023.

We are proceeding at a faster pace than expected, we have exploited the „dead times“ and we are obtaining important results, which go beyond expectations, from trials and tests, with the aim of capturing the diversity of the components on the boards.

No, the potential German customer currently sends the material to carry out daily tests, but the prototype will be installed at an Italian customer, convenient and close, where it is possible to intervene quickly, with reduced costs and times, to better grasp the aspects. positive and negative that can make the machine become „standard“, with a 360 ° functionality, without customization. This is the great added value.

In the orders as of June 30th there is no machinery, because it was delivered in the first quarter, therefore it is already part of the Revenues.

The orders of the Semiconductors Division are equal to 64%, they are orders in progress and to be executed and among these there are no new orders in the world of Silicon Carbide. For us it is a new world, as for many.

The machine works very very well, it is giving incredible results, better than expected, because it increases the production capacity of the silicon wafer.

It was delivered to an important customer, one of our main customers in the world of semiconductors, who is dedicating an entire plant in Italy, currently under construction, for the growth of SiC.

I confirm, he’s been testing 200mm wafers since August, they work great.Currently the customer would not even have the space to be able to install another one.In this 64% of extraordinary year – especially in the last 5 months – there are no orders for Silicon Carbide, therefore the potential is still currently unexpressed.As a company founder I can say that it is the first time in history that I happen to present a financial statement with a loss, psychologically difficult to accept, but proud to represent it, because it is lower than the economic impact that Osai has proudly endured, in order to keep the engagement with employees intact, also in 2021.

In the second half of 2022. We give the customer a technological advantage, we do not start commercialization before a certain period of time. In 22 we believe it will be widely respected.

August 2021 was the best month of the year in Osai’s thirty-year history, although it has always been a month in which orders have not always been taken easily: this means that customers today have a real need for those technologies.We can confirm that the problem of Covid distancing and the movement of people is experienced on a daily basis, therefore the issue of production difficulties still has an important impact on the company organization today.We particularly suffered in the first months of the year, we had a slowdown in the second half of the year and by the end of the year we will represent better global results than in 2020.Our goal is to get to 2019 results as quickly as possible.

At the beginning of the year we took care of the procurement of components for assembly, processed and semi-finished, but what is now a global problem will certainly impact the last period of the year, perhaps the turnover, delivery, collection will be transferred. through a temporal financial shift, but the production value will be adequate.

In the first 4 m we would never have imagined to report the Forecast data that today we report for September 30th.64% of orders from the Semiconductor world have a higher economic return than the Automation sector.Service e was the subject of an investment, as declared during the IPO, and was an important safety valve for customers and turnover.In the first half of 21 the after-sales activity represents 10% of the total turnover.We are satisfied with how we see the present and how we will live the future: we are convinced that strategic choices and investments in human capital are the only possibility for organized and planned growth, as we had estimated back in 2018.