Osai’s 2023 is green. Ecological transition, sustainability, circular economy; a world where waste is transformed into resources. 2023 is year 1 of Osai GreenTech, which was born with its own distinct history but, at the same time, an integral part of that of Osai Automation System S.p.A.


Osai’s 2023 is green and blue. In oriental culture, in fact, the colour blue represents continuity. The same continuity that the parent company has decided to give Osai GreenTech. Continuity in governance and in the decisive elements for the company: people, who have always been at the centre of all decisions; innovation, which has led Osai to add a new chapter to its history; the territory, a resource and source of inspiration in which we operate.


Osai GreenTech: the future, today.