A very positive budget for Osai’s participation at SEMICON WEST 2017.

Both the large number of visitors and the fantastic quality of contacts acquired have confirmed the strong market position of our semiconductor, the Neohandler 304 modula. The system’s various configurations allow it to stimulate and test an entire range of MEMS sensors used in both the consumer and automotive fields. It was actually during the SEMICON WEST event that the range of MEMS stimuli was completed, including an advance preview of the NeoTTU, a stimulus system for inertial sensors that destroys the limits of current technology by making the test reliable and simple while also maintaining top-market performance.

The PMTH range has also been very well received by customers and is a family of test handlers for power devices that looks well into the future, where the management of high voltage and currents will be a key challenge in electric traction.

Both Osai and Silicon Valley are characterised by exciting creativity, a desire for innovation, a forward-thinking outlook and enthusiasm for new challenges, so it’s no coincidence that our company has found fertile ground for its own development.

Next stop, SEMICON WEST 2018; new features are already on the agenda.

In the meantime, I want to extend a thank you to our customers for their loyalty. A year of hard work and satisfaction awaits us.