On Saturday 15th September, it took place at Bioindustry Park in Colleretto Giacosa the Premio Camillo e Adriano Olivetti all’impresa Innovativa e Responsabile award ceremony.

This award, devised by Associazione Spille d’Oro Olivetti, wants to be a recognition for small and medium enterprise’s entrepreneurs that, with their work, can be considered as a modern representation of Camillo and Adriano Olivetti’s values: they base their activity on ground-breaking products and manufacture, environment’s care and openness.

The prize has been assigned basing on two analyses types: income and capital index and quality index (innovation, welfare and environment’s care), starting from the analysis of 80 companies (at first from a sample of 150 enterprises).

Basing on this two analyses types, the Association selected seven enterprises, including Osai.

This recognition is for Osai one more step forward, and wants to be a sign of gratitude for every person participated to achieve this new goal.

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