On 27 September 2021, the Board of Directors of Osai A.S. approved the Group Consolidated Half-Year Report as at 30/06/21, with results that remain positive, despite a slight decline in the first quarter, following a still weak economic situation.


In the last months of the half year, the Group was able to record a significant increase in orders (€ 16.7 million at 30.06.21, slightly lower than the order data for the same half of 2020, equal to € 17.7 million) and a + 14% on revenues as at 30.06.21, compared to the same period of the previous year.


To date, the market is stable on the national territory, shifting its attention from Asia to Europe, with a greater concentration of revenues in the EU area, in consideration of the difficulty of installation and delivery encountered in the Far East Asia area during the pandemic.


45% of the total turnover in the first half of 2021 comes from the Semiconductors Division, which stands as a rapidly expanding business activity (+ 12% compared to 30.06.2020), the Automation Division is consolidated with 27% of the total turnover ( + 6% compared to 30.06.2020), the Electronics Division resumes its growth trend (14% of total turnover), which performs + 89% compared to the previous half year.

The After Sales Division (10% of total turnover) doubles its growth benefiting from the pandemic effects (+ 126%).


The economic scenario has shown signs of improvement, the prospects suggest an increasingly constant decrease in uncertainty in the markets, accompanied by a progressive increase in investments, also encouraged by measures to support growth, which will have positive effects on the national economy and international, expanding the Group’s business development opportunities in strategic sectors such as Semiconductors and e-mobility.


The high level of orders collected in the second and third quarters will positively impact the recovery in the coming months with consequent positive results. 2021 is therefore preparing to be a better year than 2020 even if the uncertainties caused by the shortage on the supply chain remain, the impacts of which are difficult to predict.

However, the Company is counting on strong growth in 2022 with the aim of returning to pre-pandemic levels.


More details on economic and financial data are available in the Investor Section of the Osai website: https://osai-as.com/investor-relations and at the direct links: