osai pmi italiane

Today, November 14th, the award ceremony for Open Innovative PMI, dedicated to innovative Italian SMEs, was held at the National Council for Economics and Labour, in Rome. Osai, honoured with this prestigious award, won the first prize for the category “S.p.A” (Ltd. Company).

The award, dedicated to innovative SMEs, is aimed at monitoring, promoting and enhancing innovative Italian enterprises with a high growth potential; the competition is divided into three categories: Technology and Research, Women in Business and Major Business Entities – S.p.A.

The competition was conceived and organized by Bernoni Grant Thornton, which operates in close touch with the Economics and Management Department at Pisa University. This led to the creation of an Observatory for innovative SMEs, whose aim is monitoring and analysing the innovative SMEs world, highlighting demographic, economics, organizational and strategic dynamics and then sharing the results through reports, conventions and much more.

The award given to Osai acknowledges our Firm as one among the many Ltd. Companies that, at national level, contribute not only to the economic and employment growth, but also to the creation of new business models, looking at new generations and supporting eco-sustainable manufacturing processes.

This award is a confirmation of commitment and passion, expressed everyday by our co-workers, which makes us aiming at new milestones for the future.