osai neomark easyLaunched in 2016, the NeoMark Easy, has been created to meet needs of customers that need in-line solutions.

By integrating the Osai LASER and the internal flip over, completely developed in order to reduce marking time and obtain the best quality, the NeoMark Easy has become an Osai cutting-edge proposal; moreover, the simple and intuitive Software, based on the touchscreen HMI, allows to create recipes in less than 10 minutes, even for operators with little experience.

Thanks to its small size it is possible to obtain, in a small space, production systems characterized by high quality, reduced cycle time and, above all, convenient costs.
The NeoMark Easy is the perfect answer to the recent economic needs of the market, introducing itself as a product with high reliability, but low price.

Also ideal for those wishing to enter the business field for the first time, NeoMark Easy is included into that category of products that can contribute to the development of Industry 4.0 in our country, according to the renewed Piano impresa 4.0.
Also for the year 2018, in fact, the government has decided to propose the benefits of Iper and Super Ammortamento, to promote and incentivize investments in smart technologies for the industries, proposing up to 250% of bonuses.

You can discover all NeoMark Easy features on the product page: NeoMark Easy

Does it seem like an interesting opportunity? All the details on the Piano Impresa 4.0 are available on our website: Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0