live crowdfunding osai

On September 27th it took place in Ivrea at the headquarters of Confindustria Canavese, the first Circolo Dei Donatori and Live Crowdfunding event in Italy, inspired by the Giving Circle of The Funding Network UK.
The meeting, organized by Fondazione di Comunità del Canavese, together with Confindustria Canavese and Inner Wheel Ivrea, has been a great opportunity for three associations to present themselves and collect donations:

Associazione Piccoli Passi, a group of volunteers, including families of children born premature or with pathologies, and professionals from department of Neonatology of the University of Turin, that with Gambo project realizes different activities inside the areas most in need of Ethiopia, to give future and hope to the population.
Associazione I Do, born from the friendship between a group of patients of the Centro di Riabilitazione Funzionale (today Unipolar Spinal Unit of Turin) that want to sensitize and inform young people about safe driving.
Associazione Carlo Ferrero Onlus, in memory of OSAI A.S. S.p.A. founder that supports the university studies of disadvantaged young people thank to the release of scholarships.

Osai A.S. S.p.A., always active in social activities participated atthe event and contributed directly as a donor supporting, during the auction that took place during the evening, not just to the projects of the Carlo Ferrero Onlus, but also to Piccoli Passi and I Do projects.