The FineWeld is a system for LASER welding with pulsed Nd:YAG, CO2 and fibre LASER sources. Constructed on a base of electro-welded bent plate and painted in RAl 9018/5021, the FineWeld 300 can be adjusted in terms of height and planarity by way of vibration absorbing rubber feet. The system is certified as a “Class 1 LASER welding system” for Nd:YAG λ=1064nm or CO2 λ=10.6μm in accordance with the laws in force regarding the safety of LASER emissions (EN 121100-1, EN60825). The safety guard is guaranteed by self-supporting panels, which are easily removed for maintenance purposes. Access to the working zone is through the sliding door which is self-compensating in weight and open on two sides. The overall opening measures 800mm in height and 750+675mm in width. Developed on a system of cartesian axes and structured according to the “split axis” concept, the FineWeld 300 presents a Y linear table, that moves the component being machined, and an X, Y complex, fixed on a door, for the shifting of the cutting head. Ideal for prototyping and suitable for the mass production of small and medium components, this machine can be equipped with a series of specific accessories for LASER welding: rotating axes, manual or automatic tailstocks and loading cells.