The LASER welding of polymers is carried out by putting a transparent material into contact with an absorbent material; the LASER beam crossing the former and heating the latter to fusion point. The welding takes place when the heated absorbent material makes contact with the transparent material. The advantages, with respect to traditional systems, are many: perfectly aesthetic and sealed connections, no vibrations on the welded parts, reduced thermal weld material, high process speed and flexibility in components design. Osai Automation Systems offer the possibility to realize complete process development, searching ideal material and contours for the Laser welding. The “key in hand” solutions that will be used for mass production include the LASER source, the adequate movements and the positioning realized for all types of product. These solutions incorporate completely manual loading and unloading or a rotating table for the machining of products, in masked time with respect to loading and unloading on the machine. Nd:YAG or Direct Diode LASER sources, with variable power from 10 to 400W, can be used; depending on the polymers to weld and the welding speed requested. As a consequence of the welding capacity of the polymers chosen and the conformation of the components to weld, it is possible to choose the configuration of the machine, which is suitable for the process, from among the various options.