The High Precision FineCut HP was developed for manual and semi-automatic welding and fine-cutting applications, using up to 4 CNC controlled axes. The system offers high precision and flexibility performances and a compact ergonomic structure with an accuracy of ± 5 μm on an working area of 800×600. It is possible to integrate the whole family of Rofin StarPulse and StarCut LASERS. The marble base acts as both a load bearing structure and a base for the X-Y table and the Z axis. Linear motors are used in order to guarantee the machining precision and high performance of the FineCut HP. It is possible to integrate a fourth (optional) rotating axis, also controlled by CNC, for the machining of round or elliptical components. The working plane, on the Y axis, has a T-shaped cable for the easy and precise fastening of the components to machine and the cutting boxes. The machine can be configured in LASER Class 4 in order to get the maximum loading/unloading flexibility of the components to machine; or in LASER Class 1, so that the operator work with the maximum safety. This machine, ideal for the precise work that the medical sector requires, can be used in precision mechanics or in the electronics sector. Different machining software is available, with which to convert the designs to work on into the language of machines; whether they be on the plane or on the tube.