GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

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As already known, starting from 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR No. 679/2016) became enforceable. Through this new regulation European Commission intends to strengthen and make more uniform the protection of personal data of citizens of the European Union, both inside and outside its borders. The GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation provides internet users with a possibility to control the way their data is collected and used, also through a more streamlined and clear Privacy Policy. [...]

Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0

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Con il nuovo Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0 il Governo ha scelto di supportare ed incentivare le industrie che maggiormente investono in innovazione. La legge di bilancio 2018 conferma e amplia gli incentivi fiscali per le imprese che investono nella trasformazione tecnologica e digitale dell’impresa secondo il modello Industria 4.0. In Osai A.S. è possibile beneficiare degli incentivi emanati dal Piano, che si classificano in: - Iper-ammortamento - Super-ammortamento e agevolano le acquisizioni in proprietà o in leasing di beni strumentali [...]

How Italy is focusing on future’s factory

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Still today, speaking about industrial revolution remind us to XVIII century and its steaming and dark factories. In school books it’s almost impossible to find references about the other three industrial revolution, that lead us to the new 4.0 factory. The increasing digitalization inside manufacturing system is radically changing the value chain and the modus operandi, as the industrial system itself; smart factories, highly-skilled workers, networking and automation are just some of the words that even more frequently we hear, [...]

Osai: our green energy with Etica nel Sole

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In Osai A.S. the respect for environment represents a very important issue. One of the most representatives values of our company is the creation and maintenance of an healthy, comfortable and cosy workplace. Due to these values Osai A.S. undertake Itself to measure and manage the environmental impact of its production and activities on Society and Community, in order to be considered an element of Canavese region’s wealth. To respect its promise our leadership decided to adopt a SGA (Sistema [...]

OSAI is one of Italy’s top 40 excellent companies

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Avio, Eni, Fincantieri, Piaggio, Pirelli, Technogym and Tim are just a few of Italy’s top 40 excellent companies that, together with OSAI A.S. S.p.A., talked about themselves in an insertion in “Il Messaggero” entitled “Italy 4.0, the forty excellent starting points for economic recovery” published last July. Regular investments in research and innovation, a solid management structure, alternative financial resources, and consolidated exports, are the main characteristics behind excellence and profits. The importance of strong, constant exports is also highlighted [...]

OSAI has renewed its CERVED public rating, achieving a legal rating from the Antitrust Authority

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In the last few weeks OSAI has received two important public acknowledgements to confirm its solid financial base and its reliability when it comes to customers, partners and suppliers. At the end of May, following audits and assessments, Cerved Rating Agency S.p.A. was able to confirm – as already done in 2016 - a B1.2 rating (Investment grade) for OSIA A.S. S.p.A. confirming that the company is solvent and therefore a reliable partner for clients. On 7 June, AGCM – [...]

The new OSAI A.S. GmbH Sales Manager

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Dear valued Customer,   We are pleased to announce that Mr. Frank Grossmann is the new OSAI A.S. GmbH Sales Manager. Mr Grossmann has more than 35 years’ experience in Sales, collecting comprehensive knowledge in Electronics, Semiconductors and Automation market. We are sure he will provide an important support, developing the German market through his experience and skills. 

25 years of OSAI

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2017 will see the start of the events planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of OSAI A.S. S.p.A. In fact, in May there will be a second visit (after the one in November 2016), to the Ferrari plant in Maranello, for some of the employees at OSAI, together with some suppliers and long-standing partners of the company. The visit, made in conjunction with Club Ferrari Abbiategrasso, will be an occasion to admire, close up, the company that symbolises Italian excellence [...]

New organizational structure

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The Board of Directors, in order to improve the company governance and guarantee an efficient management, approved a new organizational chart: the various business areas are centralized into two distinct sectors managed by two Directors (VP ) reporting directly to the Chairman and Managing Director, Mirella Ferrero: Fabio Benetti - Operations (Personnel, Quality, Marketing, IT, Administration, Security, Technical Management and Production) and Graziano Settime - Business Development (Sales Department, Technological Development, Service Direction / After Sales, [...]


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Graziano Settime, Vice President of OSAI A.S. S.p.A., was invited to be a guest on the Italian state radio (RAI) program, “L’ITALIA CHE VA”, which talks about the excellences in the country, together with news, facts and other information. The programme on air on 14th February talked about mechanics, electronics, vehicles and precision micromechanics. Settime was there to talk about OSAI and the company figures that make it one of the most important leading companies in the [...]