NEW-RE Project

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A supply chain for the recovery of rare-earth elements from WEEE and electric cars will be created in Italy In less than five years, global industry's demand for rare-earth elements will outstrip supply. According to the Adamas Intelligence report, if the manufacturing sector continues to exploit these resources at the current rate, there will be a shortage of rare-earth elements, which are critical to the economy of today and tomorrow. Ensuring the security of their supply has become a primary objective, [...]

Osai GreenTech: the future, today

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Osai Automation Systems is proud to announce that, on 18 October 2022, Osai Green Tech SB S.r.l., the first Benefit Company of the Osai Group, was established. The company was established with the aim of actively contributing to the diffusion of automation in the recycling world, bringing efficiency, speed and sustainability, thanks to the parent company's thirty years' experience in industrial automation, with the ambition of becoming a primary technological partner alongside the main national and international players committed [...]

New Osai plant coming to Samone

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The business strategy of Osai Automation System S.p.A. has always been not to relocate production abroad, despite the presence of more than 40 distributors around the world, for a total of 50 local staff and 3 braches located in USA, Germany and China. Following this philosophy the Company has expanded over time by acquiring new spaces and building areas until it has reached of 6,500 m2 in the Parella headquarters, inside, and not only, the Paper Mill of Parella [...]

Osai celebrates first 30 years

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On Saturday, July 2nd , 2022, Osai celebrated its first 30 years in business in the best way possible, bringing its large family together with an unforgettable event. It was an event to pay tribute to Osai's years in business, keeping true to the company's founding principles: the centrality of the individual, a sense of belonging to a community, and the concept of a group. "We are very pleased and grateful to all our employees for their active [...]

A milestone to celebrate : Osai celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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Important meanings are hidden behind a number. Meanings that tell stories of people and trace the direction of their future. Number 3 represents charisma, enthusiasm, passion, growth and creativity. Three are the words which describe our growth path from 1991 until today. Innovation, thanks to which we never stopped, and which is today increasingly strategic for our success. Passion, which daily supports our people and guarantees creativity and cleverness in our work. Solidity, which has even deeper roots since 2020, when [...]

Osai receives the Mario Unnia 2021 award

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The year 2022 began with great enthusiasm for Osai, A.S. S.p.A.: yesterday, January 27th, the President Mirella Ferrero, received a prize as finalist of Mario Unnia - Talento & Impresa Award, promoted by BDO Italy and aimed at Italian companies with innovative ideas, capable of combining talent and business in a union.   Established in 2017, the award is dedicated to Mario Unnia, a multifaceted scholar of business and socio-economic scenarios, a pupil of Norberto Bobbio and collaborator of [...]


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With this communication, OSAI A.S. S.p.A. announces that for reasons strictly connected to the prevention of contagion from COVID-19, as well as in implementation of the regulations on access to the workplace pursuant to Legislative Decree 127/2021 issued by the Italian Government, it is necessary, with effect from October 15, 2021, to verify the possession of the COVID Green Certification (so-called Green Pass) in course of validity (Article 9-septies of Legislative Decree no. Legislative Decree no. 127/2021) by all [...]

IDEAS, TECHNOLOGIES AND SUSTAINABILITY Osai A.S. publishes its first Sustainability Report

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With the publication of its first Sustainability Report, Osai brings to a conclusion the first stage of an important journey aimed at the realization and implementation of all the values ​​that have inspired the company for the past 30 years. Pursuing the ideal of a sustainable business that is attentive to social needs, in fact, for Osai does not only represent the guarantee of greater competitiveness on the market, but a real vocation that has always been strongly valued [...]

Osai A.S .: Approved 2021 Consolidated Half-Year Financial Report data

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On 27 September 2021, the Board of Directors of Osai A.S. approved the Group Consolidated Half-Year Report as at 30/06/21, with results that remain positive, despite a slight decline in the first quarter, following a still weak economic situation.   In the last months of the half year, the Group was able to record a significant increase in orders (€ 16.7 million at 30.06.21, slightly lower than the order data for the same half of 2020, equal to € [...]

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