OSAI is one of Italy’s top 40 excellent companies

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Avio, Eni, Fincantieri, Piaggio, Pirelli, Technogym and Tim are just a few of Italy’s top 40 excellent companies that, together with OSAI A.S. S.p.A., talked about themselves in an insertion in “Il Messaggero” entitled “Italy 4.0, the forty excellent starting points for economic recovery” published last July. Regular investments in research and innovation, a solid [...]

OSAI has renewed its CERVED public rating, achieving a legal rating from the Antitrust Authority

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In the last few weeks OSAI has received two important public acknowledgements to confirm its solid financial base and its reliability when it comes to customers, partners and suppliers. At the end of May, following audits and assessments, Cerved Rating Agency S.p.A. was able to confirm – as already done in 2016 - a B1.2 [...]

The new OSAI A.S. GmbH Sales Manager

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Dear valued Customer,   We are pleased to announce that Mr. Frank Grossmann is the new OSAI A.S. GmbH Sales Manager. Mr Grossmann has more than 35 years’ experience in Sales, collecting comprehensive knowledge in Electronics, Semiconductors and Automation market. We are sure he will provide an important support, developing the German market through his [...]

25 years of OSAI

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2017 will see the start of the events planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of OSAI A.S. S.p.A. In fact, in May there will be a second visit (after the one in November 2016), to the Ferrari plant in Maranello, for some of the employees at OSAI, together with some suppliers and long-standing partners of [...]


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Graziano Settime, Vice President of OSAI A.S. S.p.A., was invited to be a guest on the Italian state radio (RAI) program, “L’ITALIA CHE VA”, which talks about the excellences in the country, together with news, facts and other information. The programme on air on 14th February talked about mechanics, electronics, vehicles and precision micromechanics. Settime [...]

OSAI issues its first “Minibond Short Term” on the Italian Stock Exchange’s ExtraMOT

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On 12 December, OSAI made its first approach on the debt market, listing its first "Minibond Short Terms" on the Italian Stock Exchange’s ExtraMOT. The Minibond, with an exchange value of 1 million euro, will have as its subscribers, a gross annual yield of 3.75% falling due on 31/03/2017. Company President, Mirella Ferrero has stated [...]

OSAI, guests of SACE at the presentation of the 2016-2019 Export Report and at Export Pole in Rome

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On 17 December and 15 November, OSAI attended two events organised by SACE (company specialising in the promotion and support of Italian businesses in the internationalisation process, through an integrated offer of insurance and financial services).  It was there as a testimonial to SACE’s success on the occasion of the presentation of the 2016-2019 Export Report in [...]

Associazione Carlo Ferrero NPO….at last we are off!

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I am pleased to inform you that we have finally reached our goal; after months of talks with the Revenue Agency, the Associazione CARLO FERRERO has received the long-awaited recognition as an NPO (Socially Useful Non-Profit Organisation) pursuant to L. Decree no 460 dated 4th December 1997. Therefore, everything will shortly be set in motion [...]

October 25th

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A year has gone by since his passing. Carlo Ferrero was an extraordinary person, a true driving force. A far-sighted man with his own vision of the future. There is no sense in denying that we have missed his presence and guidance. And we cannot help but admit that this has been a difficult year [...]