Mettiamoci in gioco
Wooooow, io e il mio futuro..

It was a day full of initiatives on Tuesday, October 30th at Officine H in Ivrea, where two important events organized by Confindustria Canavese take part: the event ”Mettiamoci in gioco” and the annual meeting of Confindustria and ” Wooooow, io e il mio futuro .. ” meeting dedicated to job orientation for high school students.

From 10 am to 12.30 pm, the program of the public assembly introduced many guests on the stage: Fabrizio Gea (Past President of Confindustria Canavese), Vincenzo Boccia (Confindustria President), Arrigo Sacchi (Sports Director) who brought his contribution explaining through sports examples and metaphors the importance of teamwork in everyday life, Massimo Temporelli (Physicist and Entrepreneur – Founder of FabLab) who invited guests to understand the need to create the future thanks to young people, an essential element to make innovation, but without ever losing the hold that keeps us tied to tradition.
Finally, with his stimulating intervention, Patrizia Paglia (President of Confindustria Canavese) pointed up how essential it is for our territory to always put the company at the center; proud of the high growth rates of the Canavese region, thanks to realities that are recognised at international level, she pointed out the importance to continuing to do business. Among these realities also Osai represents an example of excellence in the territory, with an export that exceeds 85% of turnover. For the newly elected president, the objective of Confindustria Canavese is to satisfy the needs of local businesses, which it is important to trust. Then she asked to students to remember the importance of the balance between rights and duties, because they will be the ones to push them to do better and better.

The job orientation event was dedicated to young viewers, to which Osai also participated with its own stand, demonstrating the trust and interest it has in the new generations.
The young students has been able to get to know the Osai reality thanks to the presentation videos shown and the information material present in the area dedicated to us.
Great interest also for the ADIR project station, for many of them a symbol of a world of innovations to be discovered: ADIR, in fact, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, including innovative Osai Laser processes, wants to create a recycling system for valuable metals, recovering them from disused electronic devices. A project that looks to the future, to safeguard the world that we will leave to the new generations.