2017 will see the start of the events planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of OSAI A.S. S.p.A.
In fact, in May there will be a second visit (after the one in November 2016), to the Ferrari plant in Maranello, for some of the employees at OSAI, together with some suppliers and long-standing partners of the company.
The visit, made in conjunction with Club Ferrari Abbiategrasso, will be an occasion to admire, close up, the company that symbolises Italian excellence and style in the world, which has always been a source of inspiration for OSAI’s founder, Carlo Ferrero.
In June, a photographic exhibition will be opening to visitors: “25 scatti per 25 anni” [25 shots for 25 years], held inside the charming underground rooms of the museum in the old Paper Mill in Parella, the headquarters of OSAI A.S. S.p.A. The exhibition takes the visitor to see some of the most important moments in the history of OSAI and its founder, Carlo Ferrero, discovering the values and the people who have helped the company to grow.
The peak of the celebrations will be in July, with the “Company Open Days”, during which the company will be opening its doors to visits from the families of its employees, to those from the area, as well as institutions, and schools. This will also be an opportunity to inaugurate and view the new 1400 square-metre M7 production plant.
Special attention will, as always, be dedicated to schools of different levels, which will be able to visit the company for dedicated occasions to see more about the structure and understand its operations.

During the celebrations and events for the last 25 years of dreams and excitement, we want to give space to some of the suppliers and historic partners of the company, who have shared in the company’s successes over the years, so that they can talk about their experiences with OSAI.

“OSAI is a national stakeholder in the field of industrial automation, and for over 20 years now, Comoli Ferrari has been working with the company, developing solutions and supplies for the electrical material used in the production of automation systems designed by the company. Through exchanges of information and shared experiences within this sphere, we are able to supply the right solutions to every need in the production and design environment, on a daily basis.”

COMOLI FERRARI & C. S.p.A – founded in 1929, is a business of prime importance on the national market for the distribution of electrical supplies and, as well as its headquarters in Novara, has 110 branches in Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany, Marche, and Sardinia, together with joint ventures in Morocco and Switzerland, with a turnover of some 380 million euros and an 8% share of the national market.


“Our relationship with Osai A.S. Spa began in 2000, and has evolved and become consolidated over the years, thanks to a mutual desire to grow and to innovate, investing and organising all resources for medium- to long-term projects. An ability to capitalise on human resources is something we both have in common and have allowed us to achieve solid, important goals, bringing the highest standards of technology to the world and sharing the successes.”

FAST COVERING SYSTEMS SRL – on the industrial safety market for 19 years now, has grown by innovating its own solutions for an increasingly selective market. An infinite number of solutions for different areas of the marketplace take shape in its production unit in Alessandria, thanks to a knowhow that is able to meet every specific requirement submitted by customers. Attention to product and process innovation has always been the key feature of its company philosophy.


“The attention to customer needs, clarity in relationships and an ability to win challenges together with our clients/partners, are the same values for which OSAI has been standing out in its business field. We have been winning together for over 15 years.”

SISTEMI HS – part of the SISTEMI UNO Group, has been on the market for 30 years as a System Integrator for companies of all sizes, from the professional firm to the large industry, selecting the best technology (hardware and software) to support the necessary application solutions to develop projects defined together with the customer. IT technologies, infrastructures, Cloud-based solutions, telecommunications, and managed services: these are the areas on which the company’s projects are based.


“In the early 1990s, the Venco family met OSAI and its owner, Carlo Ferrero. This was the beginning of a collaboration that has rewarded us with the trust and loyalty of the Ferrero family for over 20 years. It has been a period of mutual respect, attention to detail and professionalism that ensures that OSAI’s targets are ours too. This has allowed us to become a trusted OSAI partner for its logistics services.”

VENCO TRASPORTI di Venco Mauro – in business in Ivrea for nearly 40 years, providing logistics services, express services, groupage and storage. The company believes in the quality of an all-round service with a careful eye to developments in the industry since January 1973.


“Our work with OSAI began a few years ago, as the company needed to be able to count on professional figures, in house, able to support the strong growth imposed by the reference market. In a company such as OSAI, which is strongly HR-orientated, our reference staff were immediately able to establish a successful relationship with the company, making it possible to provide support in recruiting and inserting the right profiles with absolute success”

RANDSTAD – the world’s second-largest HR service agency, with an important history when it comes to entrepreneurialism, commitment and innovation. The aim is to find the position best suited to candidates and to supply businesses with the best talents on the market, with an eye to customer satisfaction. Well aware of the fact that success depends on companies and the people, the human variable is seen by Randstad as the main value in which to invest over time.